Thursday, 14 April 2016

Souls of Byron x Celeste Twikler

Upon entering Celeste's home studio, it felt light and bright, being in someone's space gives you a real sense of who they are. I am such a lover of light, airy spaces and felt right at home from the outset. Celeste's collections from abroad coupled with her own designs brought a real warmth and sense of character to the studio. I will call Celeste a designer as she has a multitude of creative talents, illustrator, jeweller, I think designer encompasses it all. Like many Celeste decided to make her favourite holiday place her permanent abode, and is now, yet another, amazing creative one in our melting pot.
Celeste was bright and bubbly and a pleasure to capture on film. As we always do, we also talked the more meaningful, the stuff where the juice is, the connection, we talked friendship groups, heart break and life in general.  Celeste's motto that she lives by: Live by the sea, swear by the moon, love by the stars, care for the earth. So fitting for this sweet soul. I love when a persons essence is congruent with it all, from the fabrics they wear, to the words they use and the way one carries themselves. This is what I got from Celeste, such a lovely teaching. 
'Another Souls shoot another connection.' Maybe I put this to Elle for our motto. I can see it now, her nose will wrinkle, she will laugh and politely tell me "I don't think so, but nice thought.”