Wednesday, 15 November 2017


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In the summertime, it's easy to transmit beachy style vibes — living 24-7 in a bikini says "I'm a mermaid, no doubt about it." Come fall and winter though, unless you're lucky enough to live on a tropical island, transmitting endless summer vibes proves a bit trickier. When we discovered jeweler Celeste Twikler's gorgeously organic pieces crafted from seashells and precious metals, we realized we'd found a member of our tribe. Layered with abandon, the beachy baubles relay an instant seaside atmosphere, even if they're paired with piles of chunky knits. Based in Byron Bay, Australia, Twikler gathers exotic sea treasures from around the world to create her unique jewels. With a wordly view and a knack for turning Mother Nature's offerings into beautiful adornments, she's a source of creative inspiration — and styling savvy — that we turn to often.
Twikler's Bikini Questionnaire answers are below. 
Right now I'm in: Lakey Peak, Sumbawa Indonesia
I can’t stop listening to: Ocean Alley, Kyle Lionheart, and Dusty Boots
Hat or sunglasses:  Sunglasses
Favorite sunscreen: A combo of We Are Feel Good Inc. preservative-free sunscreen and Surf Mudnatural zinc
Beauty product I can't live without: Olive & Olie lavender, rose geranium and sweet orange body butter

At the beach I always have my: Surfboard–shaped by Wolf Craft or Joel Fitzgerald
Coffee or tea? I'm a nana; I love my cups of tea.
My favorite place to travel is: Anywhere with waves
Instagram account everyone should follow: @Slowtravelmagazine
First thing I do when I wake up: Eat as much as I can physically consume for breakfast, I love breakfast!
My go-to workout is: Surfing or bush walk
Favorite snack: Lollies
Must-have cocktail: Anything with apple or mint
Work of art/photograph/book/song I can't stop thinking about: I never tire of illustrator Esra Roise and photographer Renae Saxby, who shoots breathtaking travel, music and fashion imagery. She also gives back with charity and volunteer work.The last book I read sounds narcissistic, but my mom gave it to me — It's called Celeste! It's a true story about a Parisian courtesan who became a countess and a bestselling writer. I can't stop listening to Dusty Boots' Shake You Up. He's a super-duper rad human and musician.

My #lifegoals are: To be smiling and surfing every day
Biggest inspiration: Leah Dawson
Where I haven't been that I most want to go: Morocco
When I daydream I think about: Pictures I'd like to draw
If I wasn't a jewelry designer I'd be a: Child care worker
Real tan or faux: Real
I'm never without my: Hair tie and a snack
You'd be surprised to know that I: Would eat dessert for every meal if left unsupervised.
True personal style is: The ability to define your inner vibe on the outside.