Thursday, 27 June 2013


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 You are of earth and ocean.
Dive within. Retreat. Let go.
Find calm.
Be fluid, float, then BREATHE, rise, emerge.
You are the key to the universe. We at Lisa’s Closet believe in you!

Image Sources
Dive: Source unknown
Jellyfish by sugarock on Flickr:
Lloyd K.Barnes Photography:
Zena Holloway: Underwater photographer and director,
Water Dance by Kurt Arrigo:
Mermaid: Source unknown
Crystals by Nga Waita:
Rings by Nga Waita:
Breathe: Source unknown
Ring by Celeste Twikler:
Handmade Mermaid Foot Jewel by Delphine Racca:
Girl with blonde hair:
Kimono by Lisa’s Closet:
Keys by Lisa’s Closet:

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