Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Alyce + George x Fabio Oliveira x Celeste Twikler wedding bands




The Rings 

I few months back I received a relaxed phone call from friends George and Alyce a.k.a @hireakombi.
Alyce mentioned they needed wedding bands, all pretty normal right? Then she dropped the part about the wedding being in less then 2 weeks!
It should have come as no surprise to me that a couple running a kombi business are going to be some pretty relaxed cats but two weeks! 😄I'm mean the ring is usually the most integral part of a wedding ceremony but these guys weren't phased and this as a couple is part of their charm. It's not rings and things that bonds their love, what pulls these guys together is the experiences which they share together and with others through there business. A+G enjoy the open road of love...in a kombi of course P.s I got a Sitara ring (pictured here) to Alyce just in the nick of time 📷 @fabiooliveiraweddings

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